A Basic Layout

Trailer box in back of truck

My theme for this update focuses on my struggles to push forward into new areas as I leave many other interests on hold. I seem to naturally prefer to maintain vast "to do" lists and I perform best when approaching the "final hour." It is as if I am always tooling for upcoming production. Lately I find myself revisiting some of those past items.

Practical Guide to Web Development

Last week, my YouTube guy updated his web devolpment guide for 2019. So, I spent some time going through it and revised my study plan that I had only just created not very long ago. It was tedious, but the new guide is more thorough and has a more current outlook (things change a bit from year to year).

My study plan

My study plan grew a little bit and as I worked through it again I learned more about each area. I researched each of the tools a bit more and refined my selection of tools to learn.


I am still doing an exhaustive familiarization of all of the basic tools. For example, I picked out a free image editing software program that will help me gain some skills in that area without going full blown Adobe Photoshop crazy. I just want to do some basic photo enhancing and be able to manipulate some simple graphics for now.

Batch Purifier

Here's a tool that I have started using to strip metadata off of images. Since I am putting this stuff out in the public domain, I don't want to attract unwanted attention to personal information about me or others.

Graphics Tablet

I resurrected that graphics tablet I got a few years back. Not sure why, but it seems like a tool I can put to some productive use for image editing. It is kind of awkward to shift from mouse to pen, but I think it will be worth some effort.

Trying out the pen tablet

The manual dexterity required to pen simple handwriting is surprisingly challenging. I have always thought that most people I see using digital pens on videos aren't very good at it. Now I know why.

Trailer in shed

I still had that big box in the shed from when I brought my new trailer home last week. I managed to finally get outside in the late afternoon on Christmas Eve.

Trailer assembly 1

All the parts were loosely packed inside the plastic body of the trailer's tray. It made a lot of noise while I was flipping the box along its side. All of the small parts were bagged and everything arrived in good shape with no missing parts.

Trailer assembly 2

The kit was pretty easy to assemble and reminded me of putting a bicycle together out of the box. I have done that many times late into the evening on a Christmas Eve.

Trailer assembly 3

The trailer is just a tad bit bigger than I had anticipated. But, it is pretty hefty and well built. It should do the trick nicely for what I need.

Trailer assembly 4

In particular, it has a wider stance than I had imagined. This will, of course, provide good stability. The top of the tray sits about the same height as a wheelbarrow and it looks like the capacity for safe hauling is equivalent to maybe two wheelbarrow loads. I like it.

Christmas Ladder

Well, I have lots of stuff I need and want to get done, but I am pushing hard on the computer stuff as much as I can. This ladder found its way back into the living room again. I want to cut a piece of cardboard/styrofoam to fit in the filter slot. Sounds simple enough, but I do tend to be lazy at times still. Anyway, as I am sitting here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it occurred to me that the ladder has a similar shape and color as a Christmas tree sitting in the living room.

So thats all I have for the moment. It is still taking me enormous amounts of time fretting over details as I am still a very novice web developer. Using these updates as a way to push myself into doing whatever I can is working out well. I think it will help me to gain a good amount of skill and experience that is more real world than schoolwork.

As I learn more I am going to keep changing things up here and playing around with some mock content as well. Hopefully it will provide some entertainment value and keep this whole thing a bit more interesting. To end off, I am trying out a simple animation technique I just learned...


Merry Christmas!