Diving Deeper

Web Development

While I am still fine tuning the basic layout of the website, I have also found myself diving in to some more technical areas in order to establish some basic functionality behind the scenes. As my projects grow, the web administrator tasks become more vital.

Periodic Rain

The world outside has become more and more a foreign world to me. It has been wintry and wet, raining about once a week. It does not seem to ever rain very heavily, though. The wash has not run at all as far as i can tell. But then again, I am rarely up during daylight hours.


The inside temperature has been holding at 60 degrees lately. I am such a tight wad these days. I don't see the need to run up a heating bill.

Homeless Attire

If I start to get a bit chilly, I just throw on some "homeless guy" attire.

Another Fire

That night a made the fire I did not even burn up all the wood I had gathered. I had enough to warm up the house a bit on one colder night last weekend.


So, I had gotten bogged down trying to implement the version control stuff in such a way that I could publish directly to the server. I ended up diving into a whole bunch of other web admin tools. I learned a lot, but I was not successful.

Grease Gun

I did manage to drag out this grease gun I had bought awhile back. I got it for my other trailer, but it turns out that I needed it for the new trailer. It shipped with dry needle bearings. I had never used one of these before.

Hours Chart

This weekend I started out by doing my annual statistical review. This chart shows my progress from 20 hrs./wk. two years ago, to about 43 hrs./wk. a year ago. This year my rolling 3 month average hit about 52 hrs./wk. (58 net paid hours). I am working too much at that rate.

Finance Chart

Here's the finance picture. I am leaving the numbers out, but you know what they are. Besides, numbers are relative and the picture is what tells the story. I did add the red line that is stair stepping down from top left.

Time Off Chart

And, my new chart to help me invest in future time off for when I really need it.


I needed a break from the grind, so this weekend I watched a few movies. I haven't done that in a long while.


Then I pulled up my britches and attacked my technical challenges. I ended up learning about how to connect remotely to the live web server through a terminal program. This is a bit ahead of where I need to be, but I had a feeling it would lead to some insights that would help with my more immediate challenge.

Pushing to the Server

Indeed, that turned the trick. Now I am version controlling and revision publishing directly to the server like a professional.

Christmas Blanket

Time to put away the Christmas Ladder (and Christmas Blanket). I did not want to go another weekend without addressing this little chore.


I thought a lot about different things i could do with this. I ended up cutting and laminating cardboard to make a snug fitting panel to block the vent (about 5/8 inch thick). It sits in the filter frame slot. Then, I cut some 1" thick upholstery batting I had laying around.


That combination was just the right thickness to give a bit of a compression fit when the vent door is closed. Well, that's about all the time left in my weekend... (except just enough time to do this update).